Artist of the Week: Everything Everything

June 18, 2017

So... I'm not sure what these guys are hitting for over in the United Kingdom, but I’m super stoked about the new Everything Everything album, A Fever Dream, slated for release this summer!

It’s funny how I came across this band. No, I didn’t hear their music in a playlist on Apple Music or Tidal. I didn’t see one of their music videos on MTV or VH1 (do they even play music on those channels anymore?). And I’m sure you can guess I didn’t hear any of their music on American radio--which consistently plays the same four or five artists over and over and over (welcome to the Matrix, everyone).

So how did I come to fall madly in love with this Brit slice of indie heaven virtually no one in the United States seems to know exist?


I was sourcing for new bands one day (yes, I do this and I know I’m not the only one so quit your judging) because I was simply sick and tired of the regular radio and the college indie music channels were also spinning the same 10 songs back to back like clockwork. I was working as a nanny and what made my job a thousand times worse than the nightmare it was—were the irritating and disrespectfully tasteless Kid’s Bop collection of top 40 radio hits I was forced to listen to…EVERYDAY!

Anyway, I was on YouTube playing music videos. The autoplay feature was turned on and a tune called Suffragette Suffragette by Everything Everything was next in line. I skipped it. Why? First off, I never asked YouTube for an automatic autoplay feature. It’s like at least tell me, I mean, they do realize no one reads those email updates, right?  TELL ME when I first log on, anyway…

I skipped it. I had never heard of them. I was looking for the Toro y Moi’s and the Blood Oranges, etc. I found a song I wanted to hear and began to busy myself with whatever task I had before me. By the time the song ended, I had my hands full and wasn’t able to go to my computer in time to make a new selection, and this unearthly voice came booming through atop the catchiest melody and guitar and rhythm, skillfully pieced together. I kept on working, until the beat caught me, just, so I had to stop what I was doing to see who this was!

As I’m sure you've guessed, it was the song I kept passing over! Oh my God, I was in love. I quickly replayed the song and then clicked on the others. Kemosabe. My Cuz, Ur Bf. Oh shit, I think I found a new band!!! For most people, a band is a lead singer. Not so with Everything Everything. Yes, lead singer Jonathan Higgs does his thing and I don’t know anyone who could cover his voice and do it justice. But the band is a band, full of solos and key changes, and rifts. It’s a real treat for anyone who’s looking for a proper band with equal mates and equal creative control. If there are ego issues or rifts between mates they do a hell of a job coming together when it's time to produce results. I hear unity and appreciate artists who take pride in their craft the way these men do.

Well, tuns out, Everything Everything aren’t so “new”. They’ve been around since 2007, at least, and consist of four extremely talented men who are fucking up the indie rock scene right now….just not stateside. Everything Everything does everything right when it comes to this experimental music thing. They sound like no one else. Their music is full, and rich, with carefully crafted lyrics for anyone who has a brain and likes to use it. I LIVE for sobering lyrical content. The fact that they can pair conscious lyrics with quality music is just the cherry on top.

What I don't understand, is why there isn’t a push for bands like Everything Everything here in the States. There isn’t a push for REAL musicians to begin with, and I get it, looks, clothes, and publicity stunts largely sell records these days but I thought even the underground Stateside music scene would at least pick up on Everything Everything’s eclectic sound. It’s seems like we as a nation are veering further and further away from all things authentic with each passing day. We have a fake president, fake food, fake people, fake hair, fake nails, and now fake music. It seems like we have an infatuation with and praise all that's not genuine. 

Well, if you still give a fuck about something, if you stand for something at all, and if you like holding onto great musicians before the masses discover them and they become record label sell outs (which I pray they never do, considering they were signed to RCA, I think they’ve held out and have somewhat of a backbone), give Everything Everything a listen. I really think you’ll be glad you found this gem, and if you ever find yourself in the UK, see if you can check out one there shows. I’ve listened tour dates below (Yes, I’m going hard for them and once you have a listen, you’ll know why). 

Everything Everything. A Fever Dream. Available August 18th.

Sunday 18 June – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham 
Tuesday 20 June – Albert Hall, Manchester
Wednesday 21 June – Heaven, London 
Friday 7 July – TRNSMT Festival, Glasgow
Saturday 29 July – Afisha Picnic, Moscow
Sunday 30 July – FSP Art Picnic, Minsk
Saturday 5 August – Applegarden Festival, Diepholz
Friday 25 August – Reading Festival
Sunday 27 August – Leeds Festival
Saturday 2 September – Electric Picnic, Ireland
Friday 29 September – By The Sea Festival, Margate

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