Welcome to Aliz Sings!

June 14, 2017

Hello, Hello!
 Welcome to Aliz Sings! I'm a session singer and serial entrepreneur. Some success, some failures, all right here!

For my first post, I’ll give you some backing info on me. I’m a virtual session artist working in Washington, D.C., or anywhere there’s Internet access.

I’m a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a dreamer—all of which comes with a separate set of challenges and risks, as well as rewards.

As a freelancer, I work independently to support other entrepreneurs and artists by producing professionally recorded vocals for their songs or audiobooks. This journey is quite new for me, but I’ve enjoyed it so far—both the ups and downs. I enjoy the freedom of setting my own hours, I enjoy sourcing music channels and networks for new leads, I enjoy making music above all else! Freelancing presents it’s own set of difficulties but overall, it provides an element of freedom not found in the typical work force. There isn’t the security of a weekly or bi-weekly check. This scares some people. It certainly scared me! But it also gave me the drive to get out there and take action. This is MY life. Why shouldn’t I take charge of my earnings? How much I work and when?

I’ve found incentive and drive. Basically if I don’t work…I don’t eat (and I LOVE to grub, okay?)

As an entrepreneur—now that’s a bit scarier! Entrepreneurs take a huge risk in working for themselves. Every aspect of building, operating, and scaling a business rests on the shoulders of the sole-proprietor; which is cool if you have a background in marketing or business. 
I. Don’t. 
Many of you reading this don’t either. But I do have a supportive network of like-minded individuals on the same journey as me. A supportive network doesn’t change the fact that ultimately, you wan to make a profit from your hard work. After all, you feel your product or service is valuable, right? Of course you do! But the reality is that it takes money to make money. You're in a pickle: You can’t quit your day job just yet, but there are only so many hours in the day. You may be giving up eight of them to your employer, spending another hour or two commuting to and from your employer (we’re already at 10 out out 24 hours), how much time do you spend eating? Sleeping? Preparing for work each day? How much time can you carve out for yourself? To relax, recharge, read a book, or sit in silence? How many hours are left? Where do you begin? Where do you get capital from? Your start up costs? What about the cost of failure? Failure WILL happen in some aspect or another. So, how do you prepare for that? We’ll cover all of this right here at Aliz Sings. Regardless of where you are in your journey, even if you’re not a voiceover professional and have no musical interest—I hope you find useful advice here to help guide you through building your business and taking your offerings to the next level!

Personally, I’ve always been fascinated by those who take action in their own lives and decide to work for themselves. It’s not easy, and it’s not always practical. But it is possible. This is a live testament to my journey, my successes and failures. Not EVERYTHING you find here will be related to my profession. However, you’re now apart of my journey to find my better “self”. This blog is more than a host for euntrepnurieal bullshit, there a million of those out there. This is about having a voice. This is about MY voice. Not just in the realm of my profession, but in all areas of my life. I hope the same is true for you. I hope you’ve identified what brings you joy and grants you freedom. 
This is about adding value to your life on your terms.

Life and Blessings,

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